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Designing Websites From The Ground Up

Hi, my name is Maria and I have been building websites for over 8 years now. My aim is to build solutions for my customers to help get their site on the web and to use Search Engine Optimisation to get the best chance of attracting business.

I aim to make the site as user friendly as possible and all sites are built from the ground up so anything is possible.

I also create sites with WordPress but prefer to build custom sites to give the customer exactly what they want and need.

I offer a competitive service at a competitive price, so to see what possibilities are available for your business contact me today on +33 07 66 01 31 47 or +44 79 76 73 16 60 or Email Me.

My Competences

Working mainly with PHP and MySQL for backend development and HTML, CSS and javascript at the front. I have my own bespoke framework which I build most of my sites on. This framework allows for extensions like shops, blogs, video uploads and YouTube channel integration and any other pages you may like to add either at the beginning or later on. ...

The framework allows me to build a simple website with just html pages to a really complex one with multiple database enquiries, web apps etc ideal for people who want more than just advertising space. I have completed many courses in all the languages mentioned above and have also experience in symfony and reactjs. For an individual website working the way you want get in touch by email or Telephone for a free quotation.

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Web Design

Web design is a very personal thing, what gets the message across for one company may not work for another. The most important thing is that your clients are focused on what matters on your website and not bogged down with things that don't. Most visitors to your site will get fed up if they can't find what they want within 3 clicks. Bearing that in mind...

it is important to find out what your visitors would want from your website, why they are there and who they would be. Once you have worked this out a design can be based on these answers.

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I also use WordPress and can build your site on this platform. Wordpress comes with a variety of themes some paid for and some free. I can design an individual template on wordpress, so it is not necessary just for you to pick a wordpress theme that is already available. Having said that it is easier if the template already exists and I would only recommend....

creating a new template with wordpress if you absolutely were not prepared to use any other platform.

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Search Engine Optimization is important in this growing world of online competition. I can optimise your website so it can get the best ranking which is available without payment. Unfortunately certain companies who control certain search engines are motivated by money

and the more you can afford in comparison with your competitors the higher your business becomes in the rankings. I personally do not agree with this method as I feel it is unfair on the small business who cannot possibly compete with the larger ones. But that said not all search engines behave in this manner and it is perfectly possible for your company to rise in the rankings of other such search engines without payment.

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Social Media

As well as connecting your social media accounts to your website, I can also run your social media accounts for you allowing you to focus on your business. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are all great for getting your business out there, while LinkedIn lends itself to business networking.....

Other Social sites like instagram and also Pinterest would benefit some businesses and of course not forgetting YouTube which can be indispensible at this current time of lockdown. If you would like help running any of these sites or even help setting them up for your business get in touch by email or Telephone for a free quotation.

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I offer a hosting service for all websites you can either transfer the domain names or have them pointed to my server. If you require hosting for one of your projects get in touch by email or Telephone for a free quotation.